It’s happening isn’t it Rudik!? We’re fading out, our purpose dimmed out of sight. They all came for there own needs and wants, we never denied but only offered, ourselves and everything that was in our reach.

We made them laugh, we made them cry we danced to their will without asking why!?

It hurts to know that they don’t feel the way we do, we Pelore! Feel too much. That’s our problem, we grew up in silence and solitude, knew not of greed but only deed.

You were right Rudik! You were right to react out on hasty feelings we felt, especially the sudden mood swings and what followed. There never was a dull day. What an experiment we are eh?

It’s happening, we’re slowly getting detached from all that is holding us back. It’s always a wonder to see where you’ll lead us Mr. Green.


I did not just do that!

The length one goes to quench his thirst, it’s quite interesting to see how it all seems like it’s amidst chaos. But this very experience makes me question. What if? It’s the flow, it’s just that brilliant. I had a good day, woke up sober, finished an event and came back in time to chill; that’s when it struck me, I was in the hotel room chilling watching a movie. Till this point it was calm, then came the room service and the bell boy said I can get you anything you want sir ?! I was instantly pulled towards the ‘whole go make a score plan’ , out of no where I jumped out, asked the guy if he could help me with it. It was fast, he got me an auto service guy, he took me straight to the road where I can score and said go to the vendor on corner. Voila, he says how much? I’m like, let’s start small; I said fifty? He says sixty! I just smiled and said you got it, and guess what out comes the pot. I quickly pocket that shit was out of there in a blink, back to hotel! Pow!! Pow! Pow! We’re back, bringing the vibes. By the way, the hotel is something to really brag about! But this is not about that, it’s about the vibes we felt. Well that’s the Bhopal score scene! By the way it’s in India and I must say it’s a fast fast world.

Plight to flight over night.

It’s crazy to consider that life is different for each and every one of us, similarities do exist. We all go through the same problems more or less, we always have a choice is what I figure. Nothing will hold you down other than your self. This here is one such example of how change comes about when you least expect it to.

After all the hustle and bustle comes the peace and quiet. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were free, free from all our responsibilities.

Today we stand confused, beaten up by the choices we made in the run to find the perfect high, more like the rush that you feel when you do something for the first time. It was definitely worth it. Every bit of experience dealt and every bit of emotion felt.

When you think about it, we are all alone. In this world to face life, it’s tough! I get it, really do. After all the ups and downs I went through I feel there is one thing that I have come to realize really well, you are alone!! You are fucking alone!! You need to build yourself up!

Everyone, has to go through this cycle. Some choose the easy way out, some need to go through the grind. Well, I’m at that point of take the easy way out or work my ass off to build my dreams.

It’s been a week since we left home this time, we started off with Bangalore – Chennai, then Coimbatore – Vizag, and then Nagpur and now we’re at Bhopal.

When we had almost given up on our dream of being free from the corporate desk job, that’s when we got this opportunity to go on a trip to seven cities for NSE financial quest, principal conclave season seven. We did not give it a second thought, just said yes!

It’s been really crazy so far, we got to learn a lot about why financial literacy is very crucial for a child. Learnt a great deal on event production front.

After all these years we’re still free balling. This i like to see, how far can we go. By the way, this time we got to fly. As in literally, we took four flights so far, another three more to go.

DILDO!! of a man he was.

As time sang us our destined song, we wondered, how are we always wrong?

Ha ha ha! Laughed Wong, bye bye said doll & now it’s bud with a bong!

A Song on our love life we will write,

Off all that is dark yet truly bright!

In merriment we will be, with you my ‘dearly!

As we have always, will love you sincerely!

There!! there!! My boy, you’re amidst players as a toy

Boy oh boy! You sure know how to make em all feel the joy!

Dare I say! Only between the legs being so coy.

I’m scared!! Bud

I’m not scared that you’ll leave!

I’m definitely not scared of what destiny has planned to weave!

You are but a beautiful chapter held close with dear grace of em all.

We yearn to be better! Don’t we? Rudik!! But are we really worthless to em all!?

I’m not scared of another making a moment come alive for you,

I am certain, I’m not scared!!

In fact I quite like the view

It rings & rings of what time inevitably brings

Familiarity!! My dear, it really stings!

We will fall!

But in the run, we will learn to walk tall!

What to be!?

Coming back after a long break always seems like a challenge!!

To write the right words that send the exact message intended, to be good enough to express the right emotions, to not only write, but to write in a way that leaves a positive impact on the reader.

Thus I feel, my day and it’s real moments best captured in words is the way to go.

“Stop it! You have gone mad” screamed mother, but only in vain. Her dear son had not learnt how to be a responsible man! absence of a role model to look up to, he is left to just imagine what he wishes to be like, or should be like. What a moment we’ve found ourselves in! Hapless we are we feel! But there is always a way out, always a choice. Only this will give us peace or purpose.