Broken the mind; broken the soul!! 

Broke the life, empty the bowl 

Where Oh! Where, father!! did we go wrong? 

Holding it all in, smiling quietly we live strong!! 

Song once sung in glory and fame, 

Is now recurring deep shame to that one name! 

We walked in haste, lived without taste! 

For years we’ve toiled and boiled in this social turmoil, 

With nothing to show, not even a fist full of soil.

Mine is nothing but only the moment!! 

Lived with the hope, that one day we’ll live without torment!! 

Hush! Now, now!! my dear, as Awya says!! 

Honest effort always pays!! 


The Now!! Do you notice the voice inside of you? 

Well, we’re back to the start. That being said, I can disclose my current situation without being embarrassed of it. We all have moments, we all have time. What we choose to do with the time defines our growth. Steady growth, significant changes and continuous transformations lead to a better understanding of the self. 

We had it all. We never worked a day in our lives. That ‘I’ confidently say is because of the fact that each and every one of the jobs that we took up, we did it with passion and guild to only make our presence come to notice. We wanted to be useful, we were guided my none other than the one voice inside of us. It just kept humming a faint sound, a sonic ring. It was only when we had stopped thinking and worrying of the problems, the solutions and simply the repercussions of our actions did we hear it within us. We failed to understand the attentiveness of the mind at that very moment as we were engrossed in the ‘now, we just did, never gave it a thought. We jumped with just belief. Being in sync with the self was addictive, though we were young we learnt fast of the definitions of life through experiences. Not having a father led us to not walk in an idealized character of someone to live up to. We had but one father the voice inside of us. The Sonic ring!

Now that we are in our twenties, knowledge has brought about conditioning of the mind. We hear the voice no longer. It’s gone quite as the night, or has our definition of quiet night brought about this thought. We fail to grasp the now, but restlessly dwell in how’s and the why’s. 

But, amidst all the chaos, we can see that we have,  through our constant mistakes made much growth in terms of being more organized and responsible. This is in a way very good. My personal opinion only if you ask me. 

As once before, we had it all and we lost it all, and now we again have it all. But it feels like we have just gone around in a circle and ended up at the exact same place that we were before when we were younger . But just that; time has gone by! Now we yearn to get the sonic ring back! That voice inside of us that gave us that content feeling of being in sync with the universe. The now! 

Much time has gone by in thoughts of fantasy and reminiscent moments. We have now gone tired of the smoke, of the galla moments with the friends. We now long to have a home of our own. 

We have been fortunate enough to get a chance at this life, now to find a way to give back is our responsibility. To own a home as we dreamt, with enough room for all kinds of life, even to build a place to leave behind as a useful resource for the upcoming generations. Not my own but of what has be done so far. 

We wish to travel far and wide and quench this, this thirst for knowledge. This ability to  learn has to tested to it’s full. This now! Is too precious. This we have learnt! 

Quite ode to a reminiscent morning!! 

​Busted flat in Btm, we stayed awake to love her thorough!! 

Bite the tip of your nose 

In a way to say, this sailors missing you… 

From an old apartment  in Btm layout! 

She says! Am I your, dare I say, muse!? 

Feeling good is just, perfect with you, oh Lord I say my muse… Is!! You ☝😇😇 🙌 😀 

Oh lord I miss her in this old apartment in Btm rougeeeeé! Yea


Da da da da da da, Da! 

My baby she knows how to Grove!! 

Bed of roses!  is it not!? 

High as life can be to a mountain we perched 

Low as the oceans floor we searched 

Only to find in us the world we becon 

Is it just as mere as the perception I reckon  

Should the stars only shine; the full moon only glow!? ; a thought only stay 

When On a Bed of roses we fortunate ones will eventually lay 

Why can’t it be anything that we want it to be? ; it’s our perception is it not? 

It’s that simple, we perceive! Yet doubt with often belief taught 

Believe we will not; in it we will thrive! 

Every now and then alchemy sets in to mere one in a hive 

Will one stary or stay on course! 

When!? but end is only the beginning ; we should go out burning bright without remorse 

To those who hold deep regret, remember my dear we will all eventually forget. 

Loving you!! Through… 

Shiver and shake in fear we wake my love

Up! To eagerly live a dream once long dreamt! 

Forgetting the pain, we believe to endure is to gain 

He breaths!! Quietly,  Live my friend don’t let it go in vain 

It will always turn out to be as what you imagined

Just make sure to stay away from the apple that was poisoned 

She will find in you the much needed  solace which in time will show you the inevitable grimace. 

As familiarity in her quest brews contempt 

You, my jealous little man will be content!!

In you, she will be and in her you will be for eternity 

But but it’ll only be a castle of words held together with dear integrity. 

STEER Clear of Anarchy!! 

STEER Clear of Anarchy!! 

It’s quite a thought to consider that we can  be different. To not be like the mankind itself, to change the destructive ideal built by our kind.

 I’m on an event tour – this a promo for a soft drink and i must say, it is amazing I tell ya!  we are group of 20 traveling. Me again the odd ball – which makes us a group of 21. We’re traveling all the way down from North karnataka – Bangalore. Stopping in every possible locations, suitable to conduct the event. We’re gonna be there on ground for a month, following a route map planned prior by the corporate office/Marketing team. 

I don’t have to get in to the details I suppose, you know the drill. Sample the soft drinks play games with crowd and also!! We had gaming stations pimped out in a way that I am not yet experienced enough as a writer to describe the way the setup was done! 

It was straight out of a Hollywood movie, ‘Transformers’ I must say our deck was mean! People just flocked around. By the hundreds. 

My job this time was to be the emcee for the event, I enjoyed it I should say. I had this feeling of being the Rockstar with the mic and all. Proper rolling stones lifestyle! One city at a time, speaking to so many people gives such beautiful insight in to what possibilities lie out there in the world. We can bridge a great deal of values and effective services to bring the mass to a not so consumerism based ideal. 

People are now learning a lot, after ‘Jio (Free Internet 4g) telecom services ‘ came to the reach of the mass, it really has made a significant difference. Communication amongst them has improved. The access they are getting is really vast knowledge, pure data. But the problem is they are not guided by a base humain moral. There is no heading, paradigm shift is missing in their ideals. 

I felt they were all chasing each other! It wasn’t unified being. It was more like the underside of anarchy brewing. Each one is reaching out to knowledge to take the easy way out of life, they want to become rich and hoard riches of unimaginable amounts. At this rate, earth would burn out. The steady growth of greed and selfish attitudes in people has brought the mindset to a set paradigm. They are all about themselves. They are the most important and are the rulers of the the universe; given the opportunity! I should say. 

To brew a new shift in paradigm is what I feel we can do, slowly but steadily we’ll steer the mass clear of anarchy! One random act of  kindness, that’s the age old line. 

We see the solution to this and the society doesn’t understand that! Chasing and hoarding riches isn’t living, becoming comfortable in it without reaching out is even worse. 

How can we break it down to people that it’s that simple, just like ants. We need be in a way that we become a part of Earth, integrate ourselves in to it, without burning and killing ‘her, in the chase to become comfortable. 

The evolution of man is beautiful! We made this!! now! we,  with all the knowledge and the power to be the change can make this right again! 

‘Each one get the ideal that it’s not I but we’

This journey has taught us so much, we’ve just scratched the mere surface of what this huge universe of an archive – the mind can do! The answer is within us. 

But ‘I’ gotta say, one hell of a ride it was father. Through the thick and thin times you’ve kept us going hard! Thanks a ton! 

We will be anything but comfortable! Comfort is food of the week will. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just every now and then the responses,  not reactions of one revolutionary being can change this heading! Take an example of all the greats they’re  only a few who chose the selfless way and this is what got them understanding of what a human can do. 

Today we have what we have is because of integrated thinkers. Who were one with the universeal laws of life. The quest for us is to figure out the essence of making earth better. Not the humans better! Just kidding, but yes! 

Stirred thy liberation 

Down that same  road we’ll meet again in time my love, only to pass by in silence, it will be hard to say no but will have to stop!! 

Looking closer than before, the edge seems far less scarier; will we be off? 

Will it be over my dear, this beautiful life?? 

What makes you feel this way ?? This unrest, it stris the mind. 

Where ? Oh ? Where ? It’s not you that it’s asking for it’s not the body or the mind it’s the soul!! Will it be … anything more!! 

You’re a macrbe in the dust my boy, doomed to awe but not to strike!! Thriffle 

With the coming wind, we shall blow away!! Far away!! In to what it all once was. 

So, it’s come to that I say, Goodnight!! to this beautiful dream!!